Gone are the days when fans hear updates or news about “Alaskan Bush People” with characters battling against elements or locating materials. Instead, these days, fans hear Ami Brown’s courageous fight against her stage four lung cancer. Although the popular TV series is currently off air, updates about the health of one of its stars are still making rounds online. The most recent update about the family’s matriarch is that she is back to the hospital again.

Latest health update

Earlier this year, Ami Brown of “Alaskan Bush People” was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer.

It later progressed to Stage 4 a few weeks after. Her health condition gives her only three percent of survival. The matriarch promised that she would fight the debilitating disease. Fans of the series that have seen her and her family leave their beloved Alaska to find treatment for her condition witness her struggle.

The family is now making a new life in Colorado, with their new house just a few distance away from the hospital. This season, fans saw the family deal with the latest ordeal of their family with hope and courage. However, the battle for the matriarch’s health and her life goes on even off the air.

On the official Facebook page of the series, the fans are being updated about the latest happenings in the life of the family that is often not seen in the camera.

Recently, an update is posted on the page about Ami’s health condition. The post claims that the matriarch is in the hospital and is being under chemotherapy treatment. The post sounds like a cheerful update and even wished everyone to have a great weekend. It appears that Ami was sent there not because of an emergency treatment but for an ongoing management of her disease.

Rain on fire

Meanwhile, Ami Brown’s daughter has been torched online because of her recent posts on her social media accounts. Some fans are negatively reacting to the selfies she posted online while her mother has cancer. While the criticisms are absurd, unfortunately, it is very common. Most often, people who have not experienced having a loved one diagnosed with cancer do not understand that life goes on regardless of the circumstances.

So far, it is not yet clear how much of Ami Brown’s cancer battle will be televised. Fans are hoping that “Alaskan Bush People” will return for another season despite previous speculations that it will end so the family could focus on Ami’s cancer treatment.