Debbie Gibson, the 1980's pop icon, just revealed her decision of joining "Dancing With The Stars" season 25, following her battle with Lyme Disease. Entertainment Tonight caught Gibson on Wednesday after the entire cast of the reality dancing competition show was announced on "Good Morning America."

She opened up about her battle with her illness as well as with her plans of getting back on stage. Over the past years, Gibson has been dealing with her health problems. Perhaps, she wanted to be involved with the show this season after leaving the dance floor for quite a long time.

She also added that she always had the joy of performing back on stage.

Overcoming health challenges

Gibson revealed that she spent the past few years resting and not being friends with her own body. Perhaps, she felt that the time has come for her to perform again. She added that she has been to home resting for quite a long time and she thought that it would be better for her if she would start dancing again and overcome her health scare.

Further, Gibson also shared that if she won't do dancing again, then eventually she would find herself stuck. Thus, her plans of returning to “Dancing with the Stars” are not just about her passion for dancing, but at the same time, her means of overcoming her Lyme disease.

Just recently, the pop icon already confirmed her return to the dancing competition when she took to Instagram and posted a photo of her and her official partner.

Motivating herself

According to Entertainment Tonight, Gibson accepted the fact that it would be hard to motivate herself again to get back to her usual routine, especially because she's battling with her health issues.

Nevertheless, she also revealed that she is taking her step towards recovery day by day.

Meanwhile, as she confirmed her return to "Dancing with the Stars" 25th season, the songstress also revealed how amazed she was with her recent itinerary. She simply couldn't believe with the accomplishments she did in the past week. Each day, Gibson revealed that she's trying to look into her future and her career in a bigger and bolder picture.

As of this time, Gibson hopes to bring nothing but the best as she returns to the dance floor. She is also thankful that her dance partner is very supportive of her. She added that Alan is also good in choreography and is putting up awesome dance moves together. She was also happy to be paired with him and she looks forward that this season would be a lot of fun.