Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are finally expecting their third baby through a surrogate. The couple confirmed to People that the surrogate parent who is carrying their child is already pregnant. A source close to the family revealed to People that the couple had been looking for someone whom will carry their baby for months. Just recently, they finally found the perfect woman whom would carry their child. Due to Kim's pregnancy risk in the past, she felt the need to hire someone from a surrogacy agency with their desire to have another child. Luckily, the agency had helped them find the healthy woman who would be the best option for the Kardashian-West couple.

Avoiding complications

Along with the plans of having a third baby, Kanye and Kim had started to look for a surrogate parent over the past few months. In one of their statements, the couple revealed that they wanted everything to be perfect and healthy for their third child. As much as possible, they wanted to avoid complications to both the baby and the surrogate mother.

Further, it was also reported that Kim was doing some diet plans for her so that they would know the exact foods that their baby is also consuming. In line with this, the couple also chooses to keep her identity in private. According to the source from Entertainment Tonight, Kanye and Kim wanted the surrogate parent to enjoy her privacy.

Keeping the surrogacy private

As the couple announced the success of the surrogacy of their third child, both also revealed that they will be keeping the entire surrogacy journey in private.

They also revealed that they would adhere to rules of not making any wild demands. What the couple is after is a healthy pregnancy for their third baby.

Meanwhile, a source close to the couple told ET that they also wanted her to restrict from drinking, smoking, and taking drugs during pregnancy. It was further reported that the surrogate also agreed to these conditions.

She is also not allowed to engage in sex in the coming weeks prior to giving birth.

In terms of the financial agreement, another source told ET that the couple agreed to pay her $4,500 for ten months. If the surrogate is carrying a twin, it was revealed that she will get $5,000 for each additional baby. As they started their journey to surrogacy, the couple reportedly paid an amount of $68,850 as partial payment to the agency.

The couple has always been open about their desire for another child. However, due to Kim's health scare, they had taken their time finding for the healthy woman to carry the third child.