Angelina Jolie is reportedly planning to return to the spotlight following a year break due to some family situations. Jolie spent several months directing her movie project, "First They Killed My Father," and right now, E! News reported that the actress is finally preparing for a huge film following her movie since 2015. In one of her statements, the Hollywood actress revealed that she wanted to return to the acting scenes after writing, directing, and producing other movie projects.

Time to go back to work

Jolie finally feels the need to go back to work after focusing her life on her family and kids.

She added that in the past year, her presence was badly needed at home, and hence, she has to take the break. However, despite the hiatus, Jolie still loves her craft in acting.

The Oscar-winning actress previously teased about retiring from her work; however, she can still find her heart returning to acting and to the significant roles she once portrayed. She felt great being able to shine in the spotlight. However, she also added that if she won't be able to return as an actress, perhaps, it would be much OK to let the spotlight shine on another talented actress.

'Maleficent' second sequel

As she teases for her acting comeback, Jolie also talked about working on "Maleficent's" second sequel.

She added that most probably she'll be shooting on this Walt Disney Pictures live-action movie. She revealed that the production is working on it right now and added that the movie script is finally ready. At some point, she also looked forward to having some fun times as she returns to the spotlight.

Meanwhile, when asked about her directorial career, Jolie also considered focusing full time on directing movies.

If it happens that she stops working as an actress, then she would be seen working closely with her own movies. However, despite her desires of directing a movie, the famous actress also revealed that she still doesn't know whether or not she'll be allowed to have such career.

As of this time, the actress is more focused on promoting her movie, "First They Killed My Father," which is set to be out in theaters this September 15th.

This movie centers on the lives of Cambodians under Khmer Rouge's regime. In this movie, Jolie hired her own son, Maddox, as the film producer. She also adopted him from Cambodia when he was still an infant. According to Jolie, Maddox requested her to make and direct the film.