"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for Friday, Septemeber 15 reveal that Lucas has yet to get a grip on his drinking. Lucas is going to get so drunk that he believes he sees his dearly departed son Will Horton appear before him. Wedding fever picks up in Salem as plans for the upcoming double wedding of Chad and Abby and Sonny and Paul are underway. Not everyone in Salem is happy for the couples.

Lucas' drinking continues to cause problems

Lucas is in a bad state anyway, and mixing his heartbreak with booze, he is a bomb waiting to explode. With Sonny close to remarrying, Lucas is thinking a lot about Will (Chandler Massey.) This is leading up to a nasty drunken outburst aimed at Sonny, and in front of Paul, Abigail, and Chad.

Abigail is going attempt to calm Lucas down. She hopes she can get through to him and make him see that he needs to get help with his drinking problem.

Will Horton appears to Lucas during boozy bender

However, Lucas is not ready to admit he is in trouble again and talking about it just makes him angrier. Lucas dismisses Abigail's concern and ends up sitting alone at St. Luke's. He is thinking about where his life has ended up and begins to think more and more about his son. Lucas sees a vision of Will before him.

He is not sure if it is the booze, or if he is starting to lose his mind. Either way, Lucas is happy to see Will. This father and son reunion of sorts will continue into Monday, and give Lucas time to share his feelings with Will.

"Days" fans by now have all heard that Chandler Massey, who plays Will Horton, is returning to the show, so this touching drunken reunion for Lucas will open the door to the Will Horton return from the dead storyline.

There is also going to be some bad news delivered to Gabi. Sonny and Paul are going to tell her about the double wedding.

Gabi is going to be devastated to hear that Chad and Abigail are moving so quickly. This all leads up to a catastrophic wedding day approaching for both couples. Gabi could be planning something to stop the union of Chabby. However, it is predicted that Will's shocking return will be what causes the real chaos on wedding day.

What could send the double wedding even more over the edge? How about Ben showing up at the same time as Will Horton? Killer and victim together again. Not only would this be a real show-stopper, but Ben Weston's return could put Abigail in real danger in a couple of ways. First, Ben is seeking revenge, so bodily harm is not out of the question, but this could also break her mentally.

Imagine the reaction to this mess should it go down this way. What we know for sure is that both Chandler Massey and Robert Scott Wilson have confirmed their return so things are going to get interesting. "Days Of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.