"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for the week of September 18-22 reveal a shocking and highly emotional week for many residents of Salem. Fans are going to be torn between the decisions that many of their favorite characters will be forced to make in the upcoming days. Who will make it through the upcoming turmoil?

Lucas reveals drunken visit with Will

First off, the Tension between Brady, Nicole, and Eric is about to come to a head. Brady wanted to help Nicole out, giving her a job, but keeping her close by so he can keep tabs on her. Brady is feeling that he made a huge mistake by allowing Nicole to work at the Horton Center, because Nicole is spending more and more time thinking about Eric, and Eric is thinking about his feelings for Nicole.

Wedding day jitters, bad dreams, and jealousy take over

Sonny appears to be getting wedding jitters and confesses to Chad that he has been thinking about Will a lot lately. He confesses he had a disturbing dream involving Will and he is wondering if it could be a sign that he is making a mistake marrying Paul.

In an eerie coincidence, this takes place just before Lucas gets drunk and has a vision of Will. Lucas will continue having a heart-to-heart conversation with Will, but will blackout and wonder if he was hallucinating. However, he can not shake the strong feeling of Will's presence.

The encounter with Will seems so real that Lucas will share with others what he believes happened. For obvious reasons, no one is believing Lucas and feels that he needs an intervention sooner rather than later before he bottoms out completely.

Rafe and Hope could soon be pitted against each other as they are both being considered for the position of Commissioner. This is going to put a strain on their relationship.

Abigail and Chad are also going to feel some tension within their relationship as the pressures of the planning the wedding begin to take a toll on Abigail.

Gabi is going to be thrilled to hear that Chad and Abigail are under a lot of stress about the wedding. She is holding on to every small ounce of hope that she has to wish that something will happen to postpone or call off the wedding.

She could even be making plans to do something to interrupt the ceremony on the big day. However, it is speculated that Gabi is not going to be the one who puts a halt on the double wedding.

The "Days" spoiler higher-ups feel that not only will Sonny and Paul get a major shock when Will Horton shows up to stop the wedding, but many feel that Abigail and Chad are going to be in for one horrific surprise when Batty Ben Weston appears at the same time. Will and Ben's same day wedding surprise is not a confirmed spoiler at this point, but many believe that things will soon be leading in that direction as we approach the double wedding day.

What are your could Will Horton and Ben Weston both show up at the wedding causing a major upheaval in Salem? "Days Of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.