Celebrity Chris Brown has been caught sending money to a renowned Drug Dealer in the Miami area. Police have been investigating the drug dealer commonly referred to as "Cuban Harry" and have discovered links between the dealer and Brown. It has been revealed that Brown has a long payment history with the drug dealer however, he will not be facing any jail time for these acts.

The celebrity has been caught wiring money

According to Digital Music News, Chris Brown has been caught sending money to a previously convicted drug dealer. Brown wired a total amount of $15,000 to the drug dealer but it has been confirmed that he will not be facing any jail time for this transfer.

Brown and drug dealer Harrison Garcia have been spotted hanging out together in the past.

Garcia has also been seen hanging out with other celebrity Lil Wayne as they have flown together in private jets. While authorities have discovered large payments from both Brown and Lil Wayne to Garcia over the years, they cannot prove that these payments are connected to drug purchases.

Because Brown cannot be directly linked to purchasing the drugs, he will not be facing any repercussions for this wire transfer. Authorities are not pursuing the money transfer any further and are not going to target Lil Wayne for his transfers either.

Harrison Garcia has been sentenced to 30 years

It has been confirmed that the drug dealer who received the significant amount of money, Harrison Garcia, has recently been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Garcia is a high profile drug dealer in the Miami area and has previously provided celebrities with a drug called "drank."

It was revealed in the courts that Harrison Garcia has given celebrity Lil Wayne high amounts of codeine-packed punch. Garcia revealed that both Brown and Wayne paid him for drugs but there is no solid evidence behind these claims.

US federal judge Patricia Seitz sentenced Garcia to 30 years in prison and has stated that he is toxic for the surrounding community.

In a report by Digital Music News, it appears that Garcia may be looking at a longer sentence if authorities can find further evidence of criminal activity. It is clear that Judge Seitz does not want to see the popular drug dealer back on the streets.

She has claimed that celebrities such as Chris Brown are subtly advertising these drug products through their lyrics and that the youth are being manipulated.

Fans are shocked that Chris Brown has not received a sentence for his involvement in purchasing large amounts of drugs. This is not the first time that Brown has been involved in criminal activity.