On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" things heated up in the "Brash and Sassy" office. Victoria told Billy that she appreciated how much he has changed and said she said she was amazed at how he stepped up to help her save the company. This declaration was followed by a steamy kiss which changes things between these two.

The kiss that changes everything

Villy fans have been excited because Billy has been getting closer to his ex-wife as a friend. They have had to work long hours and put their heads together to save "Brash and Sassy." They have overcome Ben Hochman, as well as Jack's continual interference.

Neil provided the bridge loan they needed, and Billy used the Jabot computer that belongs to Phyllis to gain insight into what his big brother is planning next.

Victoria has done a good job until now of keeping her feelings for her ex-husband in check. Even Michael Baldwin said he has only seen a business relationship between Vicky and Billy when Phyllis came crying on his shoulder. Now, however, everything has changed. Once Victoria realized that Phyllis was trying to set her up with Ben Hochman, she knew how much of a threat she was perceived to be.

Vicky decided to fight fire with fire and beat the former fiery red head at her own game. After telling Billy how much she admired him, Victoria kissed him long and hard.

Her ex-did not pull away but kissed her back rather passionately. Spoiler alerts say Billy will go home and profess his love to Phyllis but Villy fans are hoping that kiss sealed the deal and his heart is with Victoria.

Billy's heart may not be in alignment with what his mouth is saying

Spoiler alerts indicate that Phyllis will come clean regarding Ben Hochman, and Billy will understand.This is most likely when he will assure her of his love.

Phyllis is not aware however that her lover used her computer to gain information to help his ex-wife. Neither is she aware of the passionate kiss Victoria gave her man. Billy has no idea how much his live in lady hates "Brash and Sassy" or that she told his brother she wishes it were wiped off the face of the earth.

Now that Billy has a recent memory of kissing his former spouse, he is going to recall it often.

He may even be thinking of Vicky and that kiss as he is assuring Phyllis she has nothing to worry about. Billy is going to be soon back at the office looking at Victoria all day. Emotions are going to be heightened because they have crossed a line. Phyllis has no idea that the words he spoke to her may not be backed up by what he is feeling in his heart. Stay tuned weekdays on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."