Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together is something that certainly won’t ever happen, a source claims, stressing that the 29-year-old singer is focused on moving on with her life.

Chris Brown’s movie, "Welcome to My Life," has brought up the discussion of whether or not he could potentially be getting back with Rihanna seeing that he mentions the fact that the “Diamonds” songstress was once the love of his life.

If that wasn’t enough, Brown continues to mention that he even had plans to propose to Rihanna at one point in his life, having felt as if he wasn’t going to find anyone better than the pop superstar.

No chance of reconciliation, source says

But now that time has gone by and things haven’t necessarily worked out the way they had planned; it seems as if Rihanna doesn’t see herself ever getting back with Chris, who she shared a long-term On-again, off-again romance with.

Right now, sources allege that while Chris Brown would want nothing more than to be given another chance from Rihanna, the “Work” hitmaker is mainly focused on working harder than ever before and staying away from her exes.

If she was to entertain a romance with her former lover, Rihanna knows that things will end up badly, and quite frankly, she’s not ready to put herself through another heartbreak again. If anything, she would finally like to find someone that she can see herself settling down and grow old with.

With Chris, Rihanna doesn’t see herself sharing that sort of relationship, Hollywood Life explains. The most they can be at this given point is friends, but other than that, Rihanna wouldn’t want anything more from the 28-year-old, despite the good times they’ve shared with one another.

Rihanna wants to remain cordial

“Rihanna barely speaks to Chris these days,” an insider gushes.

“She’s aware that she really needs to move on from that chapter in her life and she’s finally getting there. Chris still sends her text messages, but she’s doing her best just to ignore them.”

Rihanna is said to be working on her next studio album all while hoping that she’ll eventually meet the right guy to settle down with.

Her romance with Drake reportedly ended in October because the rapper wasn’t ready to start a family, consequently leaving Rihanna with no choice but to dump the “One Dance” star.

Do you think Rihanna is making a good choice staying away from Brown? The twosome hasn't been close in years, so it would seem that keeping a distance from one another would make more sense at this point.