Chris Brown recently made a bold move in hopes to get Rihanna's attention. A few days ago, the Barbados Babe uploaded her photo from the Crop Over festival in her hometown. The jaw-dropping post caught not only the attention of her millions of fans but also her ex-boyfriend, who could not help himself from leaving a pair of googly eyes in the comment section.

The rapper's comment apparently stood out from the rest and drew flak from Rihanna's supporters. Some of them were infuriated that Chris Brown still has the audacity to bother the woman he assaulted several years ago, while others called out the "Look At Me Now" artist to back off.

Drake wants Chris Brown to move on from Rihanna

Drake, on the other hand, reportedly called Chris Brown "sad, lonely, and desperate for comment creeping" on Rihanna's social media account. He also asked his co-rapper to "grow up" and "move on" from his failed relationship with RiRi.

A source told Hollywood Life that the "One Dance" singer is still protective of RiRi and even asked her to call him whenever she needed someone to confront Chris Brown.

Chris Brown and his strained relationship with Rihanna

Although Chris Brown has yet to give his word about his comment on his ex-girlfriend's Instagram photo, an insider claimed that the "Good to See You" artist still have feelings for the Barbados Babe.

"I wouldn’t say he’s obsessed with her, he feels like she was the one who got away from him,” it explained.

The source went on to say that Chris Brown's emoji comment was meant to tell Rihanna that her former boyfriend is keeping an eye on her despite what happened in their relationship. “He just want’s Rihanna to know that he still cares for her and he’s happy to see the success she is having.

He doesn’t feel like he needs to compete with anyone but himself,” the insider added.

Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship has always been complicated since the former was complained about assaulting his then-girlfriend in 2009. The huge controversy boiled down to their heated argument fueled by the rapper's alleged denial of a text message from his former lover.

The "Good Evening" artist allegedly became violent towards Rihanna, who stated in the police report that her then-boyfriend punched, bit, choked, and threatened to kill her during their argument. The rapper later turned himself and was charged with battery before he posted bail. He also issued a video message to apologize to Rihanna.