Chelsea DeBoer has been very selective in what she chooses to share with her "Teen Mom 2" fans. While filming, she thinks about her daughter, and she wants to share things that make her daughter proud and excited and not things that will alter the way she looks at her childhood. Unlike some of her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars, Chelsea doesn't want all of her mistakes documented, and one can imagine she wants to film a show that makes her proud in the end. However, it sounds like DeBoer isn't pleased with the way things have unfolded lately, and fans are attacking her for what they see on the show.

According to a new Instagram post, Chelsea DeBoer's followers are now discussing what they are seeing on "Teen Mom 2," and it sounds like DeBoer isn't happy about it. Last week, Chelsea lashed out at MTV on Twitter, revealing that she wasn't happy with the way they were twisting what they had filmed by cutting out the funny scenes and only focusing on the drama. She also added that the producers had added dramatic music to make the scene more tense than it actually was.

Defensive fans

Even though many fans are lashing out at DeBoer for supposedly neglecting her daughter Aubree, she does have fans coming to her defense. Many people believe that DeBoer has been falsely portrayed on the show and viewers are judging ten minutes of DeBoer's entire life.

"You guys realize you see like 10 min of her life right? I'm sure she still adores Aubree plus the show only wants the dramatic parts. I'm sure that was 2 months of shooting for that 10 min animal clip. Plus nursing takes as much time out of the week as a full-time job. Every 7-year-old acts out especially with a new baby around," one fan wrote in defense of Chelsea.

It sounds like fans believe her word over the network's.

Complaints about MTV

Of course, Chelsea DeBoer isn't the only person who has complained about the way MTV has edited the show. Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans revealed that they aren't pleased with the way their lives have been showcased. One can imagine that one of them will soon pull the plug on the show, as they don't like how people are attacking them on social media based on a distorted representation from a reality show.

Plus, one can imagine that none of the girls want to think that their children didn't give them a great childhood, as all they will remember is what they see on the MTV show.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer's fans coming to her defense? Are you surprised that she's being edited as a bad mother?