"Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska recently went on a wild Twitter rant slamming MTV for bad editing. The mother-of-two elaborated to reveal that after watching the most recent episode of the show, she couldn't believe how the series was edited. Houska claimed that she had tried to stay quiet about the editing techniques, but that she could no longer be silent about what she saw.

Chelsea Houska calls out MTV for bad editing on 'Teen Mom 2'

Chelsea Houska claims that MTV is purposely editing "Teen Mom 2" to make drama out of nothing. Houska, who recently gave birth to her son, Watson, says that the network is taking cute and sweet moments, and turning them into something negative for ratings.

Chelsea says that "TM2" is making it look like she is neglecting her oldest child, daughter Aubree, 7, due to baby Watson. Houska didn't like that the show aired a scene of her snapping at little Aubs, but didn't indicate that the 7-year-old had been told countless times to stop her behavior.

Houska's tired of her daughter Aubree being painted in a negative light on the show

Chelsea Houska says she believes that "Teen Mom 2" is trying to make Aubree's normal 7-year-old behavior into something it's not - whether it's her not listening, handling their farm animals roughly, or reacting to baby Watson. Now, fans are afraid that Chelsea has had enough, and that she is ready to quit the show and leave her reality TV days behind her in hopes of leading a normal, quiet life with her husband, Cole DeBoer.

Briana DeJesus hired to replace Chelsea?

It looks like if MTV doesn't get their act together, they could be losing one member of the cast, which could be a reason they recently decided to add a fifth cast member in Briana DeJesus. She also brings a lot of drama to the table with the rocky relationships she has with both of her baby daddies.

It could be that Chelsea's life is settling down, and not bringing the drama it once did. Now, MTV could lose the fan favorite "Teen Mom" forever.

New 'Teen Mom' spin-off is coming

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska isn't the only "Teen Mom" cast member to call out MTV for bad editing. Nearly every member of the cast has made comments on it in the past.

Now, with a new spin-off series, titled "Teen Mom New Jersey" coming to the network this fall, it appears that MTV could be trying to get the audience to follow the drama to a new series in case the cast of "Teen Mom" or "Teen Mom 2" begins to get fed up. Do you think Chelsea will quit the show? Would you miss her if she left?