"Teen Mom 2" fans watched as Chelsea Houska gave birth during the season premiere on Monday night. Chelsea and her husband, Cole DeBoer, welcomed their first child together, son Watson Cole DeBoer. During the episode, it was revealed that Chelsea had a very short labor, and she took to her Twitter account to reveal details to her fans, and even drop hints about having a third child.

Houska reveals how fast her labor with baby Watson really was

Chelsea Houska fans couldn't believe how fast her labor was, and the "Teen Mom 2" star revealed via social media that the entire ordeal was "intense." The Reality TV mom claimed that the entire process only lasted one hour and 20 minutes from start to finish, meaning baby Watson came into the world at lightning speed!

One fan even pointed out that if Chelsea's second labor was that fast, that it could mean a possible third would be even faster. "I know! I'm nervous," Houska admitted, seemingly revealing that she probably has plans to have a third child and her second with husband Cole.

The 'TM2' star is adjusting to life as a mother of two children

Meanwhile, new previews for "Teen Mom 2" reveal that Chelsea will have a bit of adjusting to do now that she's the mother of two. Houska will be seen not only parenting her newborn son Watson but also dealing with behavioral issues from her older daughter Aubree. It seems that Aubree will begin to act out in the form of her temper and listening skills after Watson's birth, and it looks like the once only child in the family will be a bit jealous of the new addition.

Aubree is acting out over feelings of jealousy towards her new baby brother

In a new clip for an upcoming episode, Chelsea Houska asks Aubree why she's been acting up, and Aubree doesn't seem to want to reveal her reasons. At first, she claims she's been tired and, then, after some pushing from Chelsea, she says that she doesn't think it is fair at night when she has to go to bed and Chelsea and Cole stay up and play with baby Watson.

Houska does a great job of explaining the situation to her daughter, who looks a bit hurt that the family is having special bonding time without her while she's forced to go to bed. Sibling jealousy is an issue that many moms deal with when bringing home new babies, and it seems that the "Teen Mom 2" star is prepared to handle the situation as it continues, and fans will get to watch it all unfold as the new season airs Mondays on MTV.