"Bachelor in Paradise" stars, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were photographed hanging out at Disneyland on Monday and it got people talking. Photos of the two captured by TMZ showed a few flirtatious moments between the two as they went on rides together. Since their sex scandal erupted on "BiP," Corinne and DeMario have made headlines being seen in public together. What's the real story here?

Are they dating?

TMZ reported that despite the PDA, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson aren't dating. It may appear as though they're romantically involved, but it's all for show.

Sources close to DeMario say they aren't dating or hooking up. The photo of them holding hands was a lucky snap a photographer got when they touched each other for a split moment. Out of context, it appears misleading. However, it's not an accurate depiction of the true status of their relationship.

DeMario playfully "chomped" on Corinne's arm, but it was reportedly harmless banter between them.

DeMario Jackson doesn't want anyone to misinterpret the photos, insisting that he's 100 percent single.

For Corinne Olympios' part, she tells Entertainment Tonight that she and DeMario are good friends and were part of a group at Disneyland. She said they talk almost every day and since they knew neither one of them filed the complaint on "BiP," it makes sense that they're friends. She continued that DeMario is "like a brother" to her and that they've been able to move forward.

Corinne is said to be focusing on developing two television shows and starting her fashion line. She's currently splitting her time between Florida and Los Angeles.

After "BiP," stars reunite as friends

After "Bachelor in Paradise" taped the reunion special, Corinne and DeMario got together and discussed everything that was on their mind.

Corinne confronted DeMario about going to the press after the scandal broke. She was bothered that he ran to the media instead of dealing with the scandal in a more personal manner. In the end, they had no hard feelings and agreed to move on as friends. It didn't look like that would happen for a while when Corinne had her own legal team conducting its own investigation into the scandal. She never accused DeMario of any wrongdoing, but she didn't exactly back him in the matter, either. Corinne says she took a mixture of alcohol and prescription drugs, which she claims blacked her out during the incident in question.

Will Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson go out as friends again?