It looks like there will be a reunion in the coming blindspotseason 3. Although Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) has left everyone to live in the mountains with monks, it seems that the team will be whole again and together when the show returns.

As the previous season featured a two-year time jump when it ended, the former NBI consultant/ex-terrorist was seen leaving the FBI and her partner Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton). As things are getting pretty mysterious - her tattoos lit up because of the metallic object inside the wedding ring that he gave her, the show’s executive producer Martin Gero teased what is going to happen next.

Next season’s spoilers

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Martin Gero revealed that the team will remain intact in the return of “Blindspot” Season 3.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the group is going to work again together. “The team will be the team again in season 3,” he said. But, in the two years that they were apart, they had been through a lot of different experiences that will bring a new perspective in their return.

There would be also a “little bit of needing” to get the team together in the next installment. Aside from that, Martin Gero also teased that there would be “some new team members” coming, although he refused to give more details about these new additions.

Also, Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) will be receiving a big promotion this season. Fans have to wait and see how the group will get back together, although they are not going to work as one and how their different experiences have changed them.

A soft reboot

Meanwhile, in connection to the two-year time jump, Martin Gero told Collider that “Blindspot” Season 3 will undergo a soft reboot.

This effort is to return the crime drama television series to its original theme that fans have loved the most since its first season. “We’re loathe [sic] to call it a reboot, but it is a reboot,” he said. The executive producer also teased that their shows are running on secrets. He also added that all of the revelations they have made play an important part in the show.

In fact, they have realized that at the end of the second chapter and even in the first installment, fans are about to know a lot of things about the show’s characters. These massive revelations could be so huge and unbelievable to the point that some people might find it not real.

“Blindspot” Season 3 will return on NBC on Oct. 27.