After more than 25 years of a hiatus, the “Terminator” franchise will now reunite star Linda Hamilton and director James Cameron, along with fellow lead star Arnold Schwarzenegger. The upcoming movie is reported to be a direct “Judgment Day” sequel. Fans can also expect a new generation of characters.

Cameron confirmed Hamilton’s return

The creator of the sci-fi movie announced the return of Hamilton to “Terminator” at a recent private event in celebration of the franchise, Hollywood Reporter has noted. Cameron teased that the actress’ return is expected to create a “huge statement.” He revealed that he plans to greatly articulate the gender roles in action-packed movies.

Furthermore, Cameron mentioned that some action films still feature more matured actors. He detailed that moviegoers can still see a 50-year-old or a 60-year-old male actor engaged in a battle with the antagonist in the movie. The director emphasized that the movies lack an icon of more mature women fighting with the bad guys.

A host of blockbuster production team

The new “Terminator” will not be directed by Cameron. He will co-produce the sequel with Skydance. However, the creator has crafted the story and his writing team was tasked to turn the originally planned trilogy into a single movie. His pool of writers includes Justin Rhodes (collaborator of “Goyer”), Josh Friedman (creator of the “Terminator” TV spinoff), Charles Eglee (co-creator of “Dark Angel”), and David Goyer (the man behind the “Blade” and Christopher Nolan’s Batman films).

The upcoming movie is set to be produced by a host of a powerful production team. Tim Miller, who had his directorial debut with “Deadpool."

What to expect in the new sequel?

Details for the new sequel are still being kept highly confidential. The upcoming movie is expected to again feature the evils of technology.

Moreover, the new movie will most likely introduce new characters, who will begin the new saga.

Cameron revealed that they have started looking for a new female actress, about 18 years old or above, to play a major role in the story.

Despite the coming in of a new generation of characters, the creator clarified they will still feature characters of the present time and even from the future. Cameron said Hamilton and Schwarzenegger’s characters will be the foundation of the upcoming new characters.

There is still no official statement on the release date of the new “Terminator” movie. Watch out for more updates in our next report.