The last season of “Teen Wolf” featured a lot of goodbyes from our favorite cast. From Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien’s bromance, to the series’ showrunners that made the show air for 6 seasons. Jeff Davis spoke about what could have aired if they were given a 90-minute finale.

"Teen Wolf" Season 6 finale episode has finally arrived and seems like the fans wanted to see more from the cast of the hit TV series. Although it is going to be its last season, the producer of the show wanted to bring back some of the most favorite character in the last few episodes.

Who should have returned in 'Teen Wolf?'

Now that Scott’s pack is going in separate paths, we are definitely going to miss a lot about “Teen Wolf. Jeff Davis revealed in an interview that he actually planned to bring back Daniel Sharman’s Isaac and Meagan Tandy’s Braeden. Unfortunately, a lot of important scenes were needed to make the cut. He also admitted that he had a whole different plot line for Seth Gilliam’s Deaton, except he is now busy working in “The Walking Dead”.

Thankfully, a lot of meaningful scenes were there. For example, the return of Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) and Void Stiles, Allison’s homage, Gerard Argent’s return as the big bad, and even Theo’s redemption was included.

Plus, no major character was killed off.

Fans did not miss that special line from season 4 as well: “You are not a monster. You are a werewolf like me.”

Will there be a ‘Teen Wolf’ spin-off at all?

Davis made sure that the line was included to convey a message to everyone who feels different. “We did not want a finale that said ‘the end’.

We wanted it to be an ‘and the adventure continues.’” He replied when asked about the final episode, “I did not want to see an end where they all have children and they are happy and at home. That felt anticlimactic to me.”

But with that final end with newbie Alec and the growth of Monroe’s army, is “Teen Wolf” going to have a reboot?

Maybe. The whole end was written to make sure that the show’s legacy continues even if it will not be Scott’s pack leading the fight. A new batch of werewolves for a reboot that may feature cameos from the previous cast.

The idea was presented to MTV though. This time, experimenting with podcasts to keep the franchise moving. “It is just talk now, just the possibility of a reboot. But it seems like if they’d be into it, we could do a little bit of re-invention,” Davis said in July.

The cast of “Teen Wolf” can still be seen in other projects with Dylan O’Brien promoting the 3rd Maze Runner movie and Tyler Posey joining the cast of “Scream.”