Billy Abbot has been a very bad boy on "The Young and the Restless." He retrieved his stepmother's company password and used his girlfriend's computer to find out what his brother is planning. Spoiler alerts indicate that Ravi is getting close to figuring out who committed corporate espionage on "The Young and the Restless. He will learn that Dina's password was used on the Jabot issued laptop that belongs to Phyllis. Until this is all sorted out, Ms. Mergeron could end up taking the fall for Billy's illegal actions.This will cause problems with her children Jack and Ashley, but Phyllis may figure it out and go straight to her lover for answers.

Billy risks all to help his former wife

Jack cannot seem to forgive his brother for having an affair with Phyllis. He has been doing everything he can to sabotage "Brash and Sassy' and cause Billy problems. Unknown to everyone except Victoria, Billy has been using his girlfriend's computer to gain secrets about his sibling's business strategies. Billy had found Dina's password on a piece of paper and took a screenshot of it. When Phyllis asked Ravi to investigate who was hacking Jabot, she never dreamed that her own computer was compromised.

Even though Dina's password was used, Ashley surely must know Jack's mother did not have access to her computer. Billy has risked all to save his former wife's company and should it come out Phyllis will be crushed.

And it would not take much for the entire story to unravel. If questioned Ms. Mergeron might remember her stepson being in her room, and that her password was written down in plain sight. Phyllis should realize that living in the same house, her lover could have gained access.

Time is running out for Billy and Phyllis

This situation is a ticking time bomb, and it won't be long before Billy is exposed, and Phyllis is outraged.

Should this truth be revealed it will be the end of "Philly." Billy has betrayed her in a way that is much worse than cheating on her. He has chosen to help Victoria at the expense of the woman he is living with. He put his girlfriend in a compromising situation in her place of employment and has basically made a fool of her.

Billy Abbot is a gambler and loves the chase. Now that he has Phyllis he needs something else to stimulate him. Sneaking around behind her back, kissing Victoria and beating Jack at his own game is what really fuels him these days. Time is running out for Phyllis and Billy unless somehow the secret never comes to light. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS.