"Rick and Morty" is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Its popularity has been proven many times, especially when fans waited for a long time for the release of Season 3. Now that the new season is already airing, fans never get tired of watching the show over and over again from episode 1 until the latest episode.

But did you know that you can actually watch "Rick and Morty" online for free? Yes, the show is available on YouTube and there are different channels that offer a live stream of the show.

Free episodes on YouTube

When you go to YouTube, you will see that there are numerous recommended live-streams that offer free "Rick and Morty" episodes 24/7.

These are prominently featured on the front page of the video-sharing website.

Many are aware that YouTube takes down full-length movie or TV shows since it is a copyright infringement. But in the case of this show, videos of their episodes are even live on some channels.

Although these videos are not monetized, most of them gain not just hundreds, but thousands of viewers. Live streamed videos of the show would feature back to back episodes on a loop. Fans of the series are indeed happy to see these episodes that they can watch all day!

Why does this happen?

According to a YouTube representative, they only take down videos when the owner of the material claims it. But Adult Swim did not make any move to remove the copyrighted material.

Hence, they are still available in the video platform of Google. And they can be found everywhere!

The representative also told Polygon that they pause or terminate streams when they detect that it matches a third party content. Also, they do not decide when a material is copyrighted or not.

The owner of the copyrighted material needs to provide reference files so they can take down inauthentic videos.

Once they get that file, it would be easy for them to determine which are illegal and which are not.

Adult Swim's action

As of now, the video platform company did not comment if Adult Swim worked with them by providing them reference files.

But there is a possibility that Adult Swim will eventually do something about these videos. Hence, many are trying to watch it while it isn't taken down yet.

This is not the first time that "Rick and Morty" live streams became an issue. When Season 3 premiered last July, it was made free on their website, which aired simultaneously with the broadcast of the show. But it stopped airing free live streams on its fourth episode.

Because of that, Adult Swim is aware that people will find ways to watch these episodes. This would include watching illegally uploaded episodes on YouTube.