Big Brother 19” is winding down. There are two shows left to air and three players vying for the prizes at the end. Things were pretty intense in the house throughout the season, and some lines were definitely crossed. Kevin Schlehuber took some serious verbal abuse. Jason Dent joked about tying his wife up and making his daughters watch, which was a turning point for “Big Brother” viewers in the game.

Why did Alex Ow dislike Kevin Schlehuber

For some reason, Alex Ow was dead set on getting rid of Kevin Schlehuber. She was leading the pack when they were dissing him, and she took it a little bit too far with her comments.

There was a confrontation between her and Kevin in the backyard of the “Big Brother” house which was shown on tonight's show. According to Us Weekly, Alex Ow didn't like Kevin Schlehuber because he was all about control. That's her story, and she is sticking to it. Unfortunately, that is not how others saw his game being played.

In an interesting proclamation, Alex Ow believes that Paul Abrahamian deserves to win the game despite stabbing her in the back. He played “Big Brother” and manipulated the house to do what they wanted him to do. The situation in the Jury House will be tense because Jason Dent is dead set on Paul not winning the game. Alex is going to try and sway the others to vote for him, but many of them will vote for the other person in final two to be spiteful.

The deliberations between the jury members will be shown as well, and that is when fans will truly see where their heads are.

America's favorite player

The time has come for America to vote for their favorite “Big Brother 19” player. While many of them probably feel like Paul Abrahamian will get the vote, it isn't looking that way on social media.

Kevin Schlehuber and Cody Nickson seem to be the ones named over and over again. After how Alex Ow and the rest of the houseguests treated Kevin, it wouldn't be shocking to see him win. On the other hand, Cody winning would be a slap in the face to the players because he was somewhat of a jerk in the house and no one would expect him to win.

The season finale of “Big Brother” airs Wednesday night on CBS. The final Head of Household will be played, the last player will be evicted, and the winner will be crowned. After a crazy season, it is finally almost over. With Paul being almost guaranteed a spot in the final two, viewers are anxiously waiting to see if he will place second again.