Jamie Lee Curtis is officially returning to her iconic role as Laurie Strode in the upcoming installment of the "Halloween" franchise. The actress revealed via her social media accounts on Friday that she would be returning to Haddonfield as Laurie "one last time" in the new film, which is due to hit theaters in October of 2018.

Curtis returns to her horror roots

In her tweet, Jamie Lee Curtis included a photograph of herself in character with "Halloween" movie villain, Michael Myers, standing behind her, and holding a knife. Curtis captioned the photo by saying that she was on the "same porch" and wearing the "same clothes," and still had the "same issues" as before as she'll return to the franchise as scream queen Laurie Strode 40 years after the original film debuted.

As many fans of the franchise know, Jamie Lee also returned to the "Halloween" franchise for Movies such as "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later," and "Halloween: Resurrection," where her character actually died after finally being killed by her serial killer brother, Michael Myers.

Fans are excited about the new movie

Horror fans are already very excited about this latest installment of the creepy franchise and believe it will be the best "Halloween" movie in many years. One of the reasons, other than the famous Jamie Lee Curtis returning as the lead character, is that co-creator of the franchise, John Carpenter, is involved, and claims that he was blown away by the storyline for the new film.

The movie will be finished just in time to hit theaters for the scariest season of them all next year.

The history of Halloween

For those not familiar with the story behind "Halloween," the franchise follows the murderous Michael Myers, who started his killing spree when he was just 8-years-old by killing his oldest sister, Judith.

Michael was then institutionalized until he was 21-years-old, and then he escaped his prison and headed back to his former hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, where he tracked down his youngest sister, Laurie Strode, who had been adopted after her parents died when she was a young child. Michael then begins killing Laurie's friends and attacks her as well.

However, she escapes his wrath, but the terror continues for decades to come.

Could this latest "Halloween" movie be the one where Laurie finally kills her evil older brother? It looks like fans will have to wait until fall 2018 to find out all it all plays out.