Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story: Cult" is finally here after a very long wait. Recovering from the worst season of the series, the story of the 2016 election started two weeks ago. Fans were anxious to see how clowns and bees tied into the world of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Why the ratings matter so much

It is all about ratings on network TV. Advertisers look at who is watching the show to know if it is a solid place to put their advertising dollars. With "American Horror Story: Cult" being a hit series, it seems like the best choice for those trying to reach the age range of 18 to 49-year-olds.

The premiere of "AHS: Cult" drew 3.9 million viewers. The ranking for the coveted 18-49 age range was a 2. Pretty good for the beginning. Lots of room to improve, but a solid start to Season 7 of the series. Then came Episode 2 this past week. Only 2.4 million viewers led to a rating of only 1.2 in the most important demographic age range.

It isn't unusual for the second episode to show a decline. There is plenty of time to get on track and make sure they get the numbers up. The thing is though, with such a significant drop, could it be that viewers are losing interest in the series of Ryan Murphy? As fans discuss this on social media, there is concern that the show will not bounce back in ratings.

If they continue to be so low or drop even lower, could the show make it through the season without a cancellation?

This year the focus is on fan-favorites Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. The two have lead roles, and we know an "AHS: Cult" love story is coming in future episodes. Sarah's character is battling mental illness and has several phobias.

Of course, she is forced to confront those fears head-on as she sees things that others do not see. As she and Evan's character grow closer, he uses her fears against her with the help of one of his recruits, Bonnie Lourd, who is playing the nanny for Sarah Paulson's son.

Roanoke was a huge disappointment to fans

As the show becomes more entwined, viewers may begin to rejoin the show.

Last year Ryan Murphy had bragged that it was like watching three stories in one. Well, Roanoke was a nightmare for most fans and ended up being the worst season yet of the series. Many fans quit watching the show during that time and may have chosen not to come back this season. Other fans say they only finished watching the previous season out of habit but remained disappointed in Ryan Murphy over it.

What do you think may be causing the drop in ratings? Is it possible that "American Horror Story: Cult" may be coming to an end? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.