Ryan Murphy made a big announcement recently about "American Horror Story." As a guest on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, he told fans that the theme for season 7 would be the election like the one our country just went through. That description left fans with a whole new set of questions.

Recently the Hollywood Reporter caught up with Ryan Murphy for an interview. He explained that he wanted to take some of the very real situations and weave them into the fictional horror of "American Horror Story." The real trick is he wants the story to stay within the limits of reality.

What was his creative inspiration?

The creator of the show said that the aftermath of the election is actually what led him to develop this idea in the first place. The division between the two sides and the lack of tolerance of both sides. He sees that we must learn to listen to each other and try to understand in order to resolve the issues that divide the country.

The FX horror series has been a platform of understanding for those that are ridiculed or discriminated against for several reasons. "American Horror Story" has shown solid support of the LGBT community as well. The casting has included gay characters in leading as well as support roles.

Ryan Murphy sees the opportunity to give a face and a story to those that fall between the cracks of the presidential administration.

The ones that aren't being benefited, but rather being ignored with all the changes. He also plans to address those that have to fear that they will lose the life they have built for themselves.

Who has confirmed they will be in season 7?

Filming of season 7 is set to begin in June. Blasting News reported to you earlier that Naomi Grossman (Pepper) had signed on for the season and had asked for the role of Hillary Clinton.

Sarah Paulson has signed on for the upcoming season as well. As others follow, we will let you know.

Fans will need to remember one thing. Ryan Murphy is great at dropping hints and clues for fans regarding upcoming seasons. It just rarely is what is expected when you tune in for the season premiere!