Kelly Bensimon, a former co-star of luann de lesseps on "The Real Housewives of New York City," provided an update on how she was doing amid her scandalous divorce from Tom D'Agostino.

Kelly admires Luann

Kelly Bensimon told Us Weekly that her friend Luann was handling herself well following her sudden split from her husband of only a few months, Tom D'Agostino.

The former reality star said that Luann was "doing great," in fact, "really great." She also said that she "admired" the former Countess for being such a "trooper" and having the "courage" to leave her marriage when she knew things weren't working out.

Bensimon said that de Lesseps told her that she didn't even cry over the short-lived marriage, saying that she was not sad but "upset and disappointed" and wasn't "going to cry over something like that."

Kelly previously tweeted out that she was proud of her friend for handling herself with gracious integrity throughout this situation, but then she said that it was "heartbreaking when a man cheats," clearly insinuating that Tom had cheated.

Luann and Tom have both denied that cheating had anything to do with the dissolution of their marriage. The "Real Housewives" star even said during her one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen that she still believed that her husband had not been unfaithful.

Not even divorced yet and engaged again

This was before it was reported that D'Agostino was already engaged to another woman. Luann's soon-to-be ex-husband was spotted strolling around New York City with Anna Rothschild, who was wearing a huge diamond ring on her engagement finger.

It doesn't help that Luann actually used to be friends with Rothschild. Anna allegedly "hates Luann" now and supposedly "adores Tom." Sources say she's had her eyes on him for a long time.

The two have known each other for over a decade, but their sudden engagement still seemed suspicious.

Still keeping in touch

It has also recently been reported that Tom and Luann have still been "talking and texting" after their split. A source claimed that their conversations were not "super in-depth" and that they were "just checking in."

After hearing that her husband is already committing himself to another woman before their divorce was even final, must have been pretty shocking news for Luann but apparently, it was not shocking enough for her to cut off communication with him.

"The Real Housewives of New York City" star announced that she and Tom were divorcing via Twitter on August 3, just months after their winter wedding in Florida.