"American Horror Story: Cult" is set to premiere next week. Ryan Murphy is speaking out this season and giving hints to fans instead of shrouding the show in mystery as he did for Season 6.

The following will contain "American Horror Story: Cult" spoilers. If you want to be surprised, stop reading now.

Ryan Murphy has shared a lot of information about the upcoming Season 7, and it is about as clear as mud. Between the tweets from his personal account and more tweets from the account of the show, mixed with several cryptic interviews, and several promotional releases it seems like a great big jumble of information.

One thing he has been clear on for Season 7 is the role of Evan Peters.

Meet Kai Anderson, Cult leader

Evan Peters is a core member of the "American Horror Story" family. Ryan Murphy has created a character named Kai Anderson that will be portrayed by the seasoned actor. What we know so far is that he is in a love triangle with Sarah Paulson that will keep things shook up on the show.

Several real-life cult leaders and mass murderers are the inspiration for the character that will be played by Evan Peters. As reported by Movie Pilot, Ryan Murphy based the cult leader on a combination of Charles Manson, David Koresh, Andy Warhol, and Jim Jones.

How does Andy Warhol fit in with this group?

Ryan Murphy explained that Andy Warhol's love for art led to a cult-like following.

As his work gained popularity, his following had more of a cult-feel, he was shot by a feminist who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. That woman was Valerie Solanas, who is being portrayed by Lena Dunham. It isn't clear how much of her backstory will be revealed, but her role should be an important one in "American Horror Story: Cult" as she has been cast next to Evan Peters.

As Evan Peters' character begins to rise in power within the Cult, his story will push him beyond what previous seasons have. Ryan Murphy is excited to have Evan taking his skills to the next level in the upcoming season. They have studied the cult leaders inspiring his character, and see that the followers are those that are disengaged from society and decide to find something to cling to.

The followers threw their lives away for the cult leaders.

The premiere of "American Horror Story: Cult" will begin on election night. Evan Peters' character and Sarah Paulson's character have extreme opposite reactions to the news that Donald Trump is the winner of the presidential election. Are you planning on tuning in to see those reactions? What do you think of the list of cult leaders Ryan Murphy was inspired by? Share your comments in the section below.