Ami Brown is apparently out of the hospital where she received treatment for her advanced lung cancer. However, chemotherapy and radiation have taken their toll on the 54-year-old’s health, so the production for a new season of “Alaskan Bush People” has been delayed.

“Alaskan Bush People” will have another season, some reports say, although Discovery Channel is yet to make any official confirmation. ABP Exposed said that the production team seems to be having some problems and the filming will not start anytime soon. One of the reasons is that Ami, who is suffering from stage 3B lung cancer (rumors said it is stage 4 now), is too weak to begin working on the show.

Will it be canceled?

The hiatus in filming has worried fans that it might lead to the show’s cancellation, according to The Hollywood Gossip. Still, fans are eager to get an update on Ami's condition. Ami’s cancer diagnosis was featured in “Alaskan Bush People” Season 7. The prognosis is grim and the matriarch has been given a less than 3 percent chance of surviving.

The Brown family currently remains in Southern California, except for Noah and Rhain who were recently spotted in Idaho. They seem to be going about their life as normal. Rainy has been sharing her adventures on social media. She recently went to a concert, her first time to watch one live, along with her sister Snowbird. Bam Bam also shared a photo of himself with his girlfriend Allison Kagan and sisters Rainy and Snowbird during his birthday.

They were reportedly at Disneyland.

Who is not returning?

If the show manages to return for Season 8, it may not be the same as before. Some of the siblings are reportedly not planning on facing the camera. While it was revealed in last season that the family will be establishing a new Browntown in Colorado, Noah broke the news to his family that he is taking a different road.

He plans to settle in a small town and become a sheriff. Gabe, who was rarely seen in the last few episodes of “Alaskan Bush People,” is said to be too much affected by their mother’s sickness and he does not want to film anymore. Then there is Bam Bam, who left the show in Season 6 to pursue his love. It is not clear whether he will be filming again, although he and Allison are staying with the family for now.

Fans continue to send their prayers and well-wishes to Ami and the rest of the Brown family. They hope that Ami will get through this dark time.

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