"Alaskan Bush People" star Noah Brown has moved in with his family on their new property in Washington State. But as his wife Rhain Alisha has already given birth to the first grandchild of Billy and Ami Brown, Noah is finding his family "a little bit overbearing."

Ami tries to co-parent baby Elijah

Ami, who has miraculously survived late-stage lung cancer, is understandably happy and grateful to be able to see her first grandchild. However, her joy may be too much to handle for the new parents, Noah and Rhain.

According to Radar Online, a source said that Ami is telling Rhain how she raised her kids and that it is important for her to have a connection with baby Elijah Connor.

Noah's father, Billy, is also getting ahead, insisting that they should feature the baby on "Alaskan Bush People." However, Noah has not yet agreed on that.

The source said Noah feels like he needs "space for a minute" and he wants everyone to just chill and take it easy.

Well, as long as they live under the same roof, it can't be helped. They are eager grandparents, and they often have a thing or two to say. Hopefully, this would not create fresh friction between Noah's parents and Rhain. When they were just dating, reports say that Rhain did not get along so well with the Browns.

Billy is now focused on building a house on their ranch, and there's a plan for other dwellings for his children.

Noah and Rhain definitely need a private space for their young family. Gabe has also recently got married to Raquel Pantilla, so the Brown family is getting bigger.

Browns receive backlash for killing animals

In a recent episode of "Alaskan Bush People," the Browns went to their first buffalo hunting. However, many viewers criticized the show after showing the killing of an animal in what they say was a canned hunt.

The show allegedly paid thousands to kill a buffalo at a private ranch. One fan shared her disappointment that the show seems to be heading in the direction of featuring more animal killings, unlike before, in Alaska, when there was little of it featured.

Another one questioned how the Browns are going to consume all the meat from a thousand pounds of buffalo.

Some fans came to the family's defense, though. One said that a canned trophy hunt is actually being done behind a fence to ensure that a hunter gets a shot. Another added that the crew naturally took some meat with them.

"Alaskan Bush People" is now on its ninth season, airing every Sunday at 9 PM on Discovery Channel.