"Alaskan Bush People" matriarch Ami Brown celebrated her 54th birthday on Monday. However, she reportedly had to spend it in a hospital bed as her cancer might have gotten worse.

Ami's cancer has made her weak

Ami was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer earlier this year, but a report from Radar Online said that it has already progressed to stage 4. This is the advanced stage, and Ami's doctors have given her a grim survival rate of less than 3 percent. As her cancer progressed, Ami's weight dropped to 84 lbs and she had to be hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center where she received radiation and chemotherapy.

In her interview with People published last week during the finale of "Alaskan Bush People" Season 7, Ami shared that she was in a lot of pain and everything hurts. She seemed to admit that she could be living her last days, although she is keeping her will to fight and her faith in God.

Brown kids silent on social media

Meanwhile, the Brown kids have been silent on social media about the condition of their mom Ami. Gabe, Rain and Bam Bam all have social media accounts, but none have posted anything about Ami's birthday. The latest update from Rain and Snowbird was last week, where they shot a video posted on the official Facebook fan page of "Alaskan Bush People," saying that their mom is doing okay.

"She's hanging in there," Rain said. Bird, meanwhile, thanked fans for all the prayers, care, and support they have shown the Brown family.

The progression of Ami's cancer to stage 4 is yet to be confirmed. As of Billy's last interview with People last week, he said that it has not yet advanced to stage 4, although the doctors said it is the next thing that could happen.

According to ABP Exposed, Ami is very ill right now and all of the family members are with her in Los Angeles.

"Alaskan Bush People" is speculated to return for Season 8, and fans hope to get the latest updates on Ami's condition. If they were to have a new season, some members of the family might not join the show. In the finale of Season 7, Noah broke the news to the family that he decided to take his own road, which means he is not joining the family when they build a new Browntown in Colorado.

Gabe, who was rarely seen in the latter part of Season 7, also does not want to be on camera, although he will be staying with the family.

Fans have been sending their birthday greetings and well-wishes for Ami on social media, hoping that she will recover from this illness.