Everyone might be worried that Ami Brown is dying, but the "Alaskan Bush People" matriarch is not giving up. In her first interview since her cancer diagnosis, Ami opens up about her condition.

'It could be my last days'

Ami is experiencing a great deal of pain from receiving radiation and chemotherapy. She said everything hurts. Her weight dropped to 89.4 lbs from 128 lbs. And according to doctors, she has less than 3 percent chance of surviving. However, the 53-year-old mom refuses to give up the fight.

She told People that at this stage, it is very easy for one to just give up and wait to die.

But while it could be her last days, Ami said she has the will to fight. She realized that worrying would only make it worse, so she tells everyone to be just happy. She holds on to her hope and faith in God.

Ami's battle with cancer

Ami began to feel a pain in her back last fall, which she thought was just her arthritis, People reported. She said she was bedridden on some days because of the pain, and when it became too much, she told her family there's something wrong. A series of tests in California, later on, revealed that she has a stage 3B lung cancer that could easily go to stage 4, as revealed earlier in "Alaskan Bush People."

The Brown children have been handling things differently, according to Ami.

Like her, there are bad days and there are good days for them, but everyone has been handling their emotions pretty well. They just have to talk about it on some days. Her children have been with them during their entire lives, and Ami said that as they have already grown up, they need to be stronger on their own. Her cancer is quite a drastic time for her kids to strengthen their own wings, but Ami believes that her family will remain strong amid everything that's going on.

Ami and her family are receiving lots of support from fans, which means a lot to her. She said that when people stop them to tell them that they are praying for them, they feel that they are part of a big family. Through "Alaskan Bush People," Ami Brown wanted people to see what they are going through to give hope to others.

Some people might experience the same thing in the future and she hopes that sharing her battle would take away their fear.

The Browns are moving to Colorado where they will build their new Browntown. For now, the family is still in California as Ami continues with her cancer treatment at UCLA Medical Center. They are believed to be filming for "Alaskan Bush People" Season 8, but it is yet confirmed.