Aerosmith reportedly canceled its remaining South American tour on Tuesday, following the frontman Steven Tyler's unexpected medical issues. The band did not clearly specify Tyler's health problem; however, the 69-year-old rocker did admit that his recent condition requires him an immediate rest.

In a statement he wrote on Twitter, Tyler added, "Please do not worry, I am not in a life-threatening condition." The singer further reassured all his fans that he will soon return to his concert shows as soon as he fully recovers from his health scare.

As of now, he revealed that he has to get some rest in order to sustain his future concert performances.

Cancellation of shows

While the famous Aerosmith rocker promised his fans a return, Tyler just canceled all his shows for the months of September and October in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico. Over the years that his band has been together, the singer boasted that his band has been better than it's ever been, CBS News reported.

During his interview with the "60 minutes," Tyler admitted on the other hand that his perfectionism had caused some conflicts with his group back then. Nevertheless, the rocker also added that he felt proud that in the end, his band was able to produce really great songs which truly became a hit.

Seeking immediate care

Following the cancellation announcement, Tyler is reportedly seeking immediate care because his doctors had advised him to do it. The lead singer headed home and has to rest in the United States.

The band added that Tyler is not yet allowed to perform and to travel as of this time. Therefore, his last four shows in the South American part of the tour will be canceled as well.

The Lead Singer didn't give any details about his real illness. However, he confirmed that his life is not in a total danger. He only has to deal with his recent condition in order to ensure that he will also recover faster.

According to Us Magazine, with proper rest and treatment from his doctors, it is expected that Tyler will be well in due time. He will be back to rock the world again with his band.

As of now, the frontman still cannot give the fixed schedules as to when he is allowed to return to his shows. The famous rock band has been on tour since May. Perhaps, their busy schedule has affected Tyler's condition a lot.

While he apologized for his canceled shows, the lead singer concluded his Twitter post as he wrote, "I love you all and I will be back soon."