After eight years, Avatar 2 is now finally in production. It has been in development in Australia since the spring. The cameras are now rolling as James Cameron is now back on his directorial seat for the filming of the much-awaited sci-fi sequel at Manhattan Beach.

The 2009 epic movie’s original cast members Zoe Saldana (Neytiri), Sam Worthington (Jake Sully), Sigourney Weaver (Grace), and more are back to reprise their roles. There will also be new additions like Cliff Curtis to play the role of Metkayina, as the head of the reef people clan, and Oona Chaplin as Varang.

Her role is described to be as the central character that will span the sequels’ entire saga.

New things will be added in the movie sequel

According to Slash Film, James Cameron confirmed the return of Stephen Lang in “Avatar 2.”

Colonel Miles Quaritch will rise from the grave as the sequels’ main villain. “He is so good, and he just gets better,” the director said about the 65-year-old star’s return. He also assured that the stage actor is going to kick a lot of asses and knock out the park in his appearance.

The original stars’ reunion

Evidently, there will be a reunion of the critically acclaimed film’s originals stars in “Avatar 2.”

James Cameron teased that the sequel is about to put its “story’s greater ambition” to life, featuring the familiar faces fans have loved.

“The interesting conceit of the ‘Avatar’ sequels is it’s pretty much the same characters,” the 63-year-old filmmaker said. The director teased that there will be new characters, settings, and creatures viewers are about to see. They will be all put into new, unfamiliar places and greater journey.

However, the sequels will never have a group of new characters all the time.

There will also be no new villain every time. The director revealed that fans are going to see the same guys and same big baddy in the coming four movies.

The movie’s ambitious budget

The original “Avatar” movie was the highest-grossing film of all time. In fact, it even surpassed James Cameron’s record-breaking movie, “Titanic.”

Now, the film is set to return with “Avatar 2” and three other sequels, in spite of the financial incentive, Independent reported.

The movies will be filmed back-to-back with another record-breaking budget that costs a whopping $1 billion or more for the four films.

“Avatar 2” is set to hit the theaters on Dec. 18, 2020. The third, fourth, and fifth movies will be released on Dec. 17, 2021, Dec. 20, 2024, and Dec. 19, 2025, respectively.