The Undertaker is nowhere in sight but WWE fans and personalities still have a hard time buying his so-called retirement. While that final scene at Wrestlemania 33 could be an indication, the fact is that the WWE has not officially announced anything. The same holds true for the “Dead Man” also known as Mark William Calaway.

One person who believes that The Undertaker era is not yet over is WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. In an interview with Wrestlezone, J.R. believes that the 52-year-old will still return at some point.

As far as the presumed retirement, J.R.

sees it more as a marketing ploy to keep WWE fans hooked. He points out how WWE CEO Vince McMahon is a marketing genius and why he would not pass on any opportunity to monetize and maximize profit on the legacy of the Undertaker.

Undertaker appearing at SummerSlam?

As most know, SummerSlam 2017 takes place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York this Sunday, Aug. 20. The spectacle is expected to host an array of stars, and a recent spotting may have revealed one of the surprises.

Thanks to a tweet by Slice Wrestling (@SliceWrestling), the Undertaker was spotted at a TX airport bound for New York City. There is a chance that the “Dead Man” may be making an appearance or perhaps simply headed to NYC for something else.

It is also possible that he will be going there to simply enjoy the show.

Undertaker return could return at any moment

That social media post could be a sign of things to come. Then again, it could mean nothing. But for J.R., the Undertaker is not yet officially done with the WWE. In his eyes, the Phenom is still active and could be holding out until he is fully recovered (remember that hip surgery?) or negotiating a new deal.

An Undertaker is possible though it may carry some clauses. That could include making select appearances as before, meaning fans may not get to see him as frequent as before. Already an established WWE star, he could be on call like what other WWE stars did in the past.

If he does make a return, there is only one sensible opponent to target – Roman Reigns.

Much of this was covered in a previous post. The logic behind it is that the Big Dog was the last WWE star Undertaker met and lost to.

Another showdown will obviously be about revenge with the Phenom most likely winning. So will there be a rubber match if that happens? Most likely and meaning his last ride will only be accepted if it comes out of his mouth.