The Undertaker is widely believed to have retired at Wrestlemania 33, though some are hoping otherwise. But if the latest word out is true, the WWE universe may have just seen the last of the “Dead Man.”

Reports have it that The Undertaker held off on a full Hip Replacement. Recall that last year, the WWE icon allegedly underwent hip replacement which kept him out of the WWE shows. He was spotted on crutches to support the claim. But digging deeper, it may have been a fabrication of sorts so that he could exit the way he wanted to.

Time to pay the price

Assuming that he did undergo a compromised hip surgery, the temporary solution is now wearing off. Hence, the 52-year-old actor/wrestler will have to undergo a full hip surgery, likely the last nail in the coffin of his WWE run.

He took the big blows from Roman Reigns, particularly his patented spear. There were also the steel chairs introduced by Undertaker himself, adding more punishment to his aging body. Before Wrestlemania 33 wrapped up, the closing segment was pretty clear that it was his last ride.

A time for healing

With reference to his persona, Undertaker was never the showy type. He used his psychological antics and mind games on opponents – both via positive and negative way.

Looking ahead, the Undertaker really has nothing more to prove. He will always stand out as one of the accomplished WWE stars, assuring him a seat into the WWE Hall of Fame in the future.

He pushed himself to the limit, sacrificing his body until what seems to be his last match. For those who followed his career through the years, no one could ask for anything more.

Never say ‘Never’

The WWE has seen the return of various legends even after a long respite. The Undertaker could inadvertently do the same though it may take at least a year off from the WWE ring.

Depending on his plans, he could return to the WWE ring one day. But for health’s sake, the best scenario would be for him to return to the ring and get a proper send-off like other WWE legends.