It has been several months since the WWE universe last saw The Undertaker, most believing that he has retired. After his match with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33, the “Dead Man” technically left everything in the ring to signal his last ride.

The thing here is that there was no official announcement of the Undertaker’s retirement. The clues were there but until such comes from the WWE or the Phenom, most are still toying with the idea of a possible return.

The only reason to return

Seeing how retired WWE stars return for some reason, seeing the Dead Man back in the WWE ring will need a purpose.

Right now, the only logical opponent would be Roman Reigns.

He was the last guy he faced and a plausible reason would be payback. A rematch would make sense with the Undertaker wanting to end his career on a high note. Would this be the last one? Never, say never.

Not happening in the near future

According to Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio, there was a reason why Undertaker left the wrestling scene. Most are aware of the injuries he had to endure, some of which would need surgery as well as rest.

As things stand right now, he is getting the ample time off to rejuvenate his battered body. At his age (52-years-old), the length of time needed to recover is not as fast as before. If ever a return is in the offing, it may take some time to happen.

Hence, timing is essential if ever a return is in the WWE script. But as things stand right now, it may take some years to even consider seeing the Phenom back in action.

Returning but not competing

On the other hand, the Undertaker could return but not competitively. He could stick to his persona and do some mind games on select WWE stars.

Rather than physically compete, he could end up playing manager or faction leader, recalling the good old days of the Ministry of Darkness.

Obviously, there are many ways to see the Dead Man return without the physicality he has been well known for. With mind games part of his past, the WWE creative team could use that as a sideshow to get things a bit more interesting.

The man also known as Mark William Callaway could even end up doing commentary like other retired stars. The only problem with this is that most have been used to seeing him with the paranormal unless a major character overhaul is done.

Other than those given scenarios, an Undertaker return looks a bit remote. The case could change however as the WWE and its fans move along.