“Mission: Impossible 6” star Tom Cruise suffered an injury while doing stunt work for the movie leaving its studio no choice but to temporarily stop production to give Cruise time to recover and heal.

According to Paramount, Tom Cruise broke his ankle while performing a stunt. Variety also reported that Cruise may have hurt his hip as well citing a source close to the production. The actor, who plays Ethan Hunt in the action series, is scheduled to see his physician for his injury. Returning to production will be dependent on Cruise’s full recovery.

Opening remains on schedule

Paramount’s statement confirmed the “Mission: Impossible 6” release date remains on-schedule this summer. The film production is on “hiatus” while Tom Cruise recovers. A person connected to the film told Variety production could still wrap up on time by focusing on post-production elements. Tom Cruise’s remaining scenes may be filmed towards the end of production.

"MI6" director Christopher McQuarrie told Empire that even if it is still unclear how long the hiatus would take, nothing is going to affect the release date.

In a video posted on YouTube, Tom Cruise was seen attempting a leap across a building gap however he falls short and hit a wall. He was then seen walking away with a limp.

Cruise then attempted to run but stumbled. He was pulled back by a pulley system and was assisted off the set.

Tom Cruise has established a reputation of doing his own stunts to give his films more realistic actions. In his last movie, “The Mummy,” Cruise was said to have done 64 takes during the plane crash sequence in zero gravity.

In “Mission: Impossible 5,” Cruise did the stunt of clinging to the wing of a moving plane.

Other cast schedules could be affected

A possible issue arising from the temporary halt of the production could involve the schedules of other cast members. Also in the film are Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, and Simon Pegg. These cast members are said to be involved in other film projects as well.

The delay could cause disruptions in starting their next movies scheduled after "MI6." According to reports, the film is now expected to be finished by December rather than October.

Another issue that could arise out of Tom Cruise’s injury concerns the release of the sequel to “Top Gun,” which the actor also stars. The movie is set to premiere in July 2019. The first “Top Gun” movie was a blockbuster and cemented Cruise stardom.