"Big Brother 19" fans have watched Raven share her story with the other houseguests all summer. She has been very open about numerous life-threatening health concerns for both herself and her mother. Raven has given details that border on the line of "too much info."

It is no secret that Evel Dick is not a fan of Raven Walton. Just days ago we told you about his Twitter party in her honor with "#RavenDiseasePary" being the theme. His followers joined him in making jokes at the expense of the shady "Big Brother 19" houseguest. They compared notes to see who could one-up Raven since she is so good at trying to one-up anyone that is telling a story in the house.

Lots of social media chatter about the houseguest.

Of course, "Big Brother 19" fans are chatting and posting about Raven on social media as well. In Facebook "Big Brother" groups, the members talk about Raven in less than flattering terms. After being initially concerned for her, some took to the internet to research her various health conditions. The findings were very different that Raven had said. While she has herself in bad health due to life-threatening illnesses, that simply is not the case. Of course, the specifics of her medical problems and treatment are between her and her physician, she has let America know enough that she has been discredited.

Along with the exaggerations, aka lies, fans have found Go Fund Me pages for the "Big Brother 19" houseguest.

She and her family had taken that route to get donations to meet medical expenses. This didn't sit well with fans. Strangely, street-wise Kevin began to ponder if she was trying to gain sympathy from the other "Big Brother 19" houseguests and possibly money from the fans.

Could her lies cause problems in her real life?

The latest tweets about Raven on Evel Dick's page is considering how Raven will react when she returns from "Big Brother 19" and realizes that going on the show was one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

Her reputation is damaged from being so dishonest. Some have even expressed concern of whether or not she will remain on social media.

Evel Dick's Twitter page is just the beginning of where you can read posts from fans. In every spoiler and discussion group dedicated to "Big Brother," there is plenty of the same. The ones that defended the houseguest have shrunken significantly.

Fans are having a hard time with the deception, and that is saying something in the midst of the game of "Big Brother."

How do you feel about the things Raven has claimed? Are you relieved to learn she won't implode if she dives into water deeper than 10 feet? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.