The Haves and the Have Nots” aired on Tuesday, August 8 with another power-packed episode that moved from scene to scene from the beginning of the hour until the very end. Creator, writer, director, and executive producer Tyler Perry thrilled viewers by putting as much into the episode as possible.

Jeffrey and the men who want him

Tuesday's show was entitled "Broken Mirror." That was because of the scenario with Officer Justin, Landon, and Jeffrey. Landon followed Jeffrey to his hotel room only to discover a naked Justin in Jeffrey's bed. Landon suggested they have a threesome.

Of course, Jeffrey is not interested in either one of them. Landon eventually leaves after having an altercation with Justin. Veronica entered the room and recorded Justin and Jeffrey on her cell phone. After she left, Justin professed his love to Jeffery. After Jeffery left the room, Justin had a temper tantrum and threw a chair into the mirror on the wall, breaking it into pieces.

Charles and Candace

Charles promised Candace that she could have her record wiped and get a fresh start. She listened to what the presidential candidate had to say, and she was indeed quite intrigued. He shocked her by saying she could be cleared for killing Quincy, but that someone else has to take the fall for it.

When asked who he had in mind, Charles said it could be arranged to look like Benny did it. Candace loves her brother very much and could not believe her ears. She is famous for getting her way and getting out of trouble. It is a mystery in terms of how she is going to get out of this situation.

That helps to explain why the Secret Service is holding Benny in jail and asking for his DNA.

The agents are accusing him of being a terrorist. Even Veronica, his attorney, can't figure out what is going on. Hanna doesn't want Veronica to represent Benny, but Katheryn convinced Benny's mother that Veronica is the best. Besides, Katheryn has not been able to get in touch with another attorney.

Preview for next week

Hanna's grandson was killed in a shootout last season, and Candace has not been told about her son's death all season.

Based on the preview for next week's episode, someone finally tells her about the death of Little Q.

Veronica threatens Officer Justin with the video of him being in Jeffrey's bed, Katheryn lets Mitch know that she will soon be single, and Warlock is in the hotel where Candace is, but he doesn't know the room number. Watch all the drama on "The Haves and the Have Nots" next Tuesday night.