One word will never be used to describe Dick Donato, a.k.a. Evel Dick, and that is shy. He says what he thinks without a filter and doesn't care who doesn't like it. This has made him a favorite among "Big Brother" fans. Evel Dick was just as wild in the game as he is on his Twitter so no one can accuse him of hiding behind a computer.

An online Raven roast

Last night Evel Dick sat down to host a #RavensDiseaseParty on his Twitter account. As fans posted messages, his quick wit was right on point. The jokes were endless because of how exaggerated everything has been with Raven and her various illnesses.

She would have the "Big Brother 19" houseguests believe that she is near death as she struggles to compete for the $500,000 that she and her mother need so badly to cover medical expenses.

Some tweets from fans joked that Raven had exploded when her pacemaker blew up and Matt had to put her back together like Frankenstein. Evel Dick joked that TMZ needed to be called in because she had drowned and been brought back to life right there in the "Big Brother" pool. Another follower of Evel Dick said that she has Rachel beat -- a twin of her grandmother lives on her elbow and makes pancakes. The online roast was a lot of fun for the host and his many followers. The only problem was the guest of honor was elsewhere and unable to attend.

Many "Big Brother" fans have seen Dick Donato as a bully over the years. His take no prisoners attitude and rough exterior have been tough to accept by some. This doesn't make him a villain, however. He just dances to his own tune and does his own thing. And 175,000 like it as they follow his tweets to keep up with his thoughts on the "Big Brother 19" game.

Raven has stretched the truth too many times

In all fairness, Raven opened the door to her life being scrutinized by "Big Brother 19" fans. She entered the house talking about her pacemaker she calls her second heart. Of course, concerned fans began to Google to better understand her disease. Then the information came out of all the Go Fund Me accounts where Raven was looking for donations.

Her comments on the show didn't add up with the information fans were finding out about her medical condition either.

At one point in the game, Raven admitted she had been throwing up over 10 times a day before entering "Big Brother 19." First, if that were true how would she have been cleared to compete? Second, it made some ponder Munchausen Syndrome. That is when a parent gains attention by making their child ill in order to get sympathy.

While all of this is a serious matter, Raven has exaggerated so much that it has jaded fans. Keep in mind that nothing regarding her medical information is confirmed by medical personnel, but rather, by her own statements.