Jill and Derick Dillard have been going on mission trips and even taking their young son Israel along with them. Now that they have another baby the fans have wondered if they would be leaving again. It turns out that the Dillard family has decided to change their entire plans.

What did Jill and Derick reveal?

The couple went to their family blog and shared the details, but they aren't saying everything. They said that they won't be returning due to "a number of circumstances." Everyone really wants to know what this means. They did say a bit more, but they aren't sharing exact details.

Derick Dillard said, "Through a number of circumstances, and guided by much prayer and counsel, we are discerning the Lord leading our family’s full-time ministry back to the United States for the time being." It sounds like they will still be doing mission work of some kind, but in the United States and not in Central America.

The fans want to know more details, and this may come out on "Counting On." For now, they aren't sharing anything exactly. They have always said that they would go back again when their child was born, but that isn't the case now.

Why could they be staying here?

There are a lot of reasons that the Duggars could have made this decision. They got a really hard time when they took their son to Central America.

They had a friend end up getting murdered in the same area they were in, so that is pretty scary. Jill was also criticized for going down there while she was pregnant.

Fans have been donating money to them so that they could go on mission trips, but then the Dillards would come back and forth for family events such as weddings.

They don't have traditional jobs, just their reality show. It is unknown how they plan to make a living while they are living here and taking care of their children every day.

There has been some concern over how Jill Duggar Dillard is doing since she had her son. She hasn't been showing many pictures of herself and some people are concerned that something might be wrong with her.

If there is, then they have been quiet about it all and not told anyone what is going on.

What do you think about Jill and Derick Dillard deciding to quit going on mission trips? Do you think that they will change their mind in the future? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss "Counting On" when it returns to TLC with new episodes. They have already confirmed that the show is coming back.