“Counting On” star Jill Duggar and her husband derick dillard are now parents of two boys. Despite the hardship of caring for a toddler and doing missionary work while pregnant, Jill and her husband continue with their commitment to people in El Salvador. It was only when she was nearing her due date that the couple decided to go back to Arkansas. Jill gave birth via C-section after 40 hours of labor on July 8.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard not supported in missionary work

The couple has no intention of giving up their missionary work despite having a toddler and a newborn baby to care for.

In fact, they did not back out after their application to be recognized as ministers by the International Mission Board affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention was turned down for lack of relevant Bible school units.

Without financial support, the couple went on with their ministry. They were even criticized for accepting support from friends and fans to sustain their needs in the mission field. Amazingly, they continue to stay in El Salvador despite being exposed to the Zika Virus. They have to be extra frugal. In fact, Jill Duggar was slammed for the food she feeds her son.

They are far from medical facilities and a decent home where they could live comfortably. The sacrifices they make to serve other people is beyond compare.

Nevertheless, in an article published this week, the International Business Times, quoted Jana Duggar as saying I try to look for ways to bless or serve someone else,"- so generosity does run in the family.

During his single days, Derick Dillard met Jill through her father Jim Bob Duggar who was Derick's prayer partner while doing missions in Nepal.

The father of two has always been a missionary.

Derick had to give up a regular job as a tax accountant for Walmart just to continue his missionary work. He and his wife have to sacrifice their time, their comfort, and conveniences in life so that others may know about their faith.

Jill Duggar grew up exposed to her parents' evangelistic endeavors

Bob and Michelle Duggar reared their children to be Christians. They attend and serve their church regularly. Their sons-in-law are mostly in the ministry (preachers). Jill Duggar is a cast of "Counting On" along with her sister Jessa Duggar-Seewald and the rest of their siblings.The show helps put money in their pockets which is surely used by the couple to finance their needs and their ministry.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard as a couple is an epitome of a sacrificing and loving partnership. No wonder a lot of people support them.There is no news yet as to the time the couple departs for El Salvador. The fourth Duggar child is currently recuperating from her operation