wentworth has been known for killing off its major characters without regrets if its storyline needs it. From the surprising death of Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) and the unknown fate of Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe), the possibilities are endless.

In an interview with Stuff, Kate Jenkinson, who plays the role of Allie Novak, commended the television series’ approach for “taking no prisoners,” even if this could mean that she is about to lose her job. Will she be the next to say goodbye in “Wentworth” Season 6?

The surprising deaths

Kate Jenkinson told Stuff that she came back in “Wentworth” Season 5 not knowing what would happen to her character.

“The writers and producers are just genius at turning everything upside down,” she said. She also added that anyone, whether the main character or the villain, could die in the television series. Although this step is quite risky as the fans could just tune out and the show might end untimely, she still wants to be in it for its “edgy and cut-throat” concept.

The 35-year-old star also talked about the unexpected deaths seen in the series. In fact, she revealed that fans were not the only ones surprised witnessing the demise of the major characters but them as well. And although they wish that these losses could be like Jon Snow and return from the dead, the show always stands to what it featured.

Defeating 'The Freak'

Moreover, Kate Jenkinson herself is not sure of her future in the coming “Wentworth” Season 6.

She was worried about her character’s fate when Bea died in the show’s fourth season. “I've since learned that's a pretty naive way to look at a character," she continued to say. Allie is now stronger than ever compared to before.

In fact, she wants to take revenge for Bea and get rid of Joan in Wentworth. She will try her best to defeat "The Freak" with her intelligence and wit.

She now has new allies with Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva). She even teased that their bond might even go to the next level just like she did with Bea, although it might be a different kind of relationship.

Is she going to return?

Meanwhile, Kate Jenkinson has yet to reveal if she is going to reprise her role in the coming “Wentworth” Season 6.

"The story will continue for whoever is left over," she confirmed. She even added that it is actually exciting to be part of the television series that takes a lot of risks. She even thinks that it could easily become a serial drama for featuring relationships, breaking ups, with the inclusion of "The Freak." "I would rather be part of a series like that, that maybe has seven or eight dynamic seasons,” she continued.