America’s got talent” held its last round of quarterfinals during the August 29 episode, with some special participation of the judges. In one of the performances, Mel B got the chance to stab Simon Cowell with a fake knife.

Tuesday night’s episode of the hit reality talent competition featured performances from gospel choir DaNell Daymon & Greater Works, salsa dancing duo Junior and Emily Alabi, vocal group Final Draft, dancer Oscar Hernandez, and singer Angela Green. Other performers in the final quarterfinals round were mentalist Colin Cloud, singer Mike Yung, another vocal performer Keichi Okwuchi, guitarist Chase Goehring, dog training act Sara and Hero, and videomapping act Oscar and Gaspar.

But there was one performance that was unforgettable, because of the special participation of two of the judges, and some people from the audience. Mentalist Colin Cloud took the stage to perform his mind-blowing tricks, reading through the minds of some of the audience members. He called Simon up and seated him on a bench.

Fake knife

In his performance, Cloud asked a female audience member to stand up, and randomly think about something. Within just a few seconds, the mentalist correctly guessed that she was thinking about an experience of being bitten by a dog during one of her youth camps.

She confirmed this thought, and the crowd cheered and clapped. He also invited over a random lady from the audience on stage.

Cloud guessed the lady’s name correctly, and he also asked her to think about a reason she would like to murder Cowell. The mentalist was able to correctly guess her thought that the male judge stole her collection of Justin Bieber CDs.

Cloud also asked the lady to pick a murder weapon from a set he had prepared beforehand. Nobody saw the knife she picked, not even the performer.

Mel B was also invited on stage, just as she was selecting the murder weapon. The mentalist asked her to stab Cowell with the chosen knife. Then, it was revealed that the knife was fake, and was the only fake weapon among the set of knives that were laid out.

When Simon was asked to slide along the bench, a plaque was revealed that was engraved with the same thought that the audience member imagined.

The plaque read, “In loving memory of Simon Cowell, murdered because of stealing Justin Bieber CDs.”

Dunkin’ Donuts drinking cup

During last week’s episode, the former Spice Girls member threw her Dunkin’ drinking cup at her co-judge because of his offensive comments. Cowell commented on one of the performances and compared it to the female singer’s failed marriage.