America’s got talent” is now in the second week of quarterfinals, with more superb talents gracing the stage. But during the recent episode of the hit reality talent competition, one of the judges threw her drink at Simon Cowell after he made an “offensive joke.”

Singer Melanie “Mel B” Brown, who is sitting as one of the judges of the competition, walked out of the “America’s Got Talent” stage on Tuesday and was seen on live TV. Her reaction came after fellow judge Cowell made a joke about her marriage.

The incident happened after the performance of a magician who finished his act after a technical glitch during the live show.

Host Tyra Banks asked the male judge about his comments on the performance, but he said something that sounded offensive to Mel B.

Cowell said, “I imagine the act would be like Mel B’s wedding night. A lot of excitement, but not much promise of delivery.” After hearing this, the “Spice Girls” member immediately grabbed her drink cup, and threw the content at him. She then walked away, and left the building, USA Today reports.

Mel B storms away

The female singer reportedly made her exit from the scene, and the incident was seen by the live viewers of the reality talent show. Banks just segued through the scenario saying, “Mel B is out.” The official Twitter account of the reality show wrote that Mel B just left the building.

USA Today, however reported that the judge went back to see the next act.

The Associated Press released video interviews with the judges and the host, shortly after the incident happened. The “Spice Girls” member told AP that her co-judge just said something annoying, that made her throw water at him. She added that she will not sit and listen to what else Cowell was about to say.

“Even though he is my boss, I was the boss that time,” she said. The singer is reportedly facing divorce issues with her husband Stephen Belafonte.

Divorce issues

The female singer reportedly accused husband Belafonte of allegedly beating and threatening her, according to papers obtained by entertainment website TMZ. The two had been married for around a decade, but Mel B decided to call it off.

USA Today reported that the former “Spice Girls” member filed a temporary restraining order against her husband in order to end their marriage. The report added that the court granted the restraining order, and Belafonte was told to stay far from his wife and three children. He also left their house in Los Angeles, as part of the granted order.