Fox News reported a recent prediction that the world is bound to end on the 23rd of September. Conspiracy theories and numerology forecasts suggest that the Earth will collide with another celestial body in the final days of September.

According to the prediction, there are Bible passages that support this claim that the World is ending soon. David Meade, a Christian expert on numerology shared passages from Luke 21:25-26 that tell people about tell-tale signs of an impending apocalypse, Fox News added.

Luke Chapter 21 and Verse 25 reads, “There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars.

On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.” Experts have associated this verse with the August 21 total solar eclipse that happened recently.

Hurricanes as tell-tale signs

Furthermore, the 25th verse from the book of Luke also said that people “will faint of terror” since the celestial bodies “will be shaken.” Verse 26 continued saying that people’s hearts will fail them “for fear” for minding only worldly things and they will be surprised that “the powers of heaven will be shaken.”

September 23 was the date that appeared on the codes as arranged by the numerologist, based on certain markers in the Giza pyramids in Egypt. The recent tragedies in Texas and Florida from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were also pointed to as tell-tale signs.

This theory by Meade, Fox News continued, also involves a certain planet called Nibiru that will collide with planet Earth on that day. The collision will allegedly bring volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and massive tsunamis.

NASA has reportedly falsified the claims, assuring people that no such “end of the world” is bound to happen, according to Fox News and the theory about the colliding planet is also fictitious.

Old theory

Claims about the apocalypse have circulated for years. Zecharia Sitchin wrote about it in 1973. This author claimed that there are ancient aliens known as Annunaki who are responsible for creating the human race. According to News AU, “Planet IX” — whose existence is inferred by the way its gravity appears to be tossing about asteroids far beyond Pluto in the Kuiper Belt — the idea of such a world gained popularity in the 1973 book "The 12th Planet." Author Zecharia Sitchin said it was the home of an ancient race of aliens.

There also images about the end of the world that appeared in the Christian Bible’s Book of Revelations.

Numerologist Meade’s theory called for support from some people after NASA recently discovered a new planet which is called “Planet Nine,” The Sun added. Meade believes that it is “very strange” to find that both the Bible verses and codes from the Egyptian pyramids exactly point to September 23 as the end of the world.