Corinne Olympios and DeMario jackson have been embroiled in a scandal for the past three months. The production team of “Bachelor in Paradise” season 4 allegedly found them guilty of misconduct during the shooting of the reality show, which led to the cancellation of the shooting. A subsequent investigation was conducted but did not reveal any wrongdoing by either person. Regardless of the findings, the damage has already been done. Jackson had discussed his side of the situation, while Olympios kept quiet throughout the ordeal.

Olympios admits to being drunk during shooting

Corinne Olympios talked to the “Bachelor in Paradise” host Chris Harrison for the first time in a taped segment on Tuesday's episode and admitted that she was too drunk to remember anything. She also revealed that she was on medication that was incompatible with alcohol, but she was unaware of that fact. This contributed to her blacking out during the shoot and also caused impairment in her judgment. However, it taught her an important lesson and that was to be more aware of what she was putting into her body.

Olympios wishes Jackson all the best

As far as Jackson is concerned, she told Harrison that she does not blame him in any way and has never pointed fingers at him.

Though his openness with the press in the aftermath of the scandal did leave her confused and defensive, she clarified that she does not have anything against him. She clearly said that if they met she would tell him that she respects him as a human being and wishes him the best in life. Most importantly, she said that she would say sorry to him.

Media trial rough for Olympios

In the chat with Harrison, Olympios also shared her feelings about the phase when allegations and stories related to the scandal were being spread. She said that it was really rough for her, and she does not have words to express the turmoil she went through. She also acknowledged that she was completely unaware that the scandal would become so big and said that when she watches the whole thing she finds herself clueless as to how it all happened.

She also said that it was annoying and unfortunate.

It is worth mentioning here that DeMario Jackson received significant support from the participants of the show during an episode when host Chris Harrison held a forum to talk about the scandal. Almost everyone vouched for his character, with many saying that race did play a role in the controversy.