Val Kilmer fans are continuing to worry about the "Top Gun" star's deteriorating health. The actor was spotted out last Sunday in Santa Monica looking very pale and frail despite making an announcement two weeks ago denying rumors that he is fighting throat cancer.

Is Val Kilmer in denial?

As previously reported Val Kilmer's health issues have been a major question for his fans for quite some time. Back in December actor Michael Douglas spoke out on Val's health status implying that the actor was not doing well with his battle with throat cancer.

Kilmer did not take too kindly to Douglas' comments concerning his "health issues" and responded on Facebook by posting that he is very fond of Douglas, but that he had not spoken to the actor in more than two years, implying that Douglas has no idea about his health status, nicely saying that Michael had been "misinformed."

Actor assures fans he is well

Kilmer continues to insist that he is still rehabbing from last year's medical procedure, which he remains very tight-lipped about. While it is Val's choice to keep his health issues private fans cannot help but continue to notice the decline in Val's appearance. He is very thin and gaunt, whatever he has been going through has appeared to have taken a real toll on the 56-year-old actor.

Val assures his fans that he is well and thanks them all for their concern and thoughts. You can't blame fans for being worried, especially with the abundance of celebrity deaths that have taken place since 2016. For now, Val seems to be keeping a low-profile while he continues with his rehab and recovery.

Kilmer, currently single, was previously married to Joanne Whalley from 1988-1995 and has two children, son, Jack, and daughter Mercedes.

Some of the actor's most notable film roles include Jim Morrison in "The Doors." Kilmer reportedly spent a year prepping for the role dressing as Morrison and frequenting Jim's favorite hangouts on the Sunset Strip.

Kilmer is also noted as portraying a very believable and amusing Doc Holiday in "Tombstone" and Batman in "Batman Forever."