Val Kilmer, 57, finally opened up about his cancer battle following months of denial, rumors, and speculation. The "Batman Forever" actor acknowledged his health issues recently, and he discussed them at length via a Reddit AMA. Speaking with fans in the forum's Q & A with celebrities, Val Kilmer revealed it that it was prayers and love that helped him during his cancer battle. He extended his thanks to those who have prayed for him, as well as those who sent "good thoughts from around the world."

"People that know I am a Christian Scientist make the assumption that I have somehow endangered myself," he said.

"But many many people have been healed by prayer throughout recorded history. And many many people have died by whatever was modern medicine."

Kilmer also acknowledged Dr. Bernard Lown, the defibrillator inventor. From him, the actor learned to understand how love can heal.

Denying cancer

Val Kilmer denied he had throat cancer when his "Ghost in the Darkness" co-star Michael Douglas revealed his "terminal" condition to the press last October. He said that things were not looking good for his friend. Douglas, 72, also battled and survived throat cancer in 2013. In response to this, Kilmer said that his friend was misinformed about his condition and wrote a message on Facebook saying that Douglas already apologized for his mistake.

In the midst of his cancer rumors, Kilmer continued to make public appearances, albeit few. He admitted that he had a health problem but he refused to confirm what his illness was. A year prior, rumors surfaced that he went to UCLA Medical Center for treatments. He was also photographed with a tube on his neck, and he often covered his neck with scarves.

Owning up to the truth

But, in April this year, Val Kilmer acknowledged that he had the Big C, and said he was getting better. "I don’t sound my normal self yet, people think I may still be under the weather," he said. He also confirmed in the recent Reddit AMA that he was indeed in the hospital several times in 2015.

Meanwhile, Tombstone Mustachery in Arizona will welcome Val Kilmer in August for the “Doc Holli-Days” event.

Fans may recall that the actor played the role of the dentist John Henry “Doc” Holliday in the "Tombstone" movie, which was released in 1993. Kurt Russell played Doc Holliday's friend, Wyatt Earp. The Tombstone Lions Club will be sponsoring the upcoming event at which the actor is slated to appear.