Grey’s Anatomy” fans should get ready to see Abigail Spencer as Megan Hunt in the upcoming Season 14. The “Timeless” actress is all set to star in the fourteenth season as the long-lost and presumed-dead sister of Owen who was romantically involved with Nathan Riggs.

The news of her being alive had already come to light by the end of the last season, and now Spencer is all set to set foot in the Shondaland medical drama, replacing Bridget Regan as the original Megan but the latter is all too happy for her replacement and has welcomed her on the show with a tweet saying that she would do a brilliant job in the role.

Bridget Regan could not accommodate Season 14 in her schedule

The decision to cast Abigail Spencer in the medical drama is not the result of any differences between Bridget Regan and the showrunners. It was just that Regan had a packed schedule. She is a regular on the TNT show “The Last Ship, ” and it was recently renewed for two seasons and Regan had to oblige her commitment. The show has her playing Sasha, an ex Navy Intelligence Officer who works as an undercover agent in China for the fresh government in the US.

So, Regan would be seen in her TNT show whose fourth season is all set to premiere this month. However, she is very happy for her replacement and has extended a warm welcome to Spencer.

She took to Twitter to welcome her on the medical drama and wrote that Spencer is an incredible actress and she would play a brilliant Megan on the show.

Abigail Spencer to create love triangle

As fans know, Megan and Nathan were in love and the day on which she disappeared the two had a major fight because she had come to know that he had cheated on her.

So, now that she is coming back, both Nathan and Meredith could face an awkward situation.

Both have been flirting with each other and did have feelings as well. Of course, Meredith told him last season that he should go back to Megan, but it is not that easy. Both are smitten with each other, and hence, the return of Megan is bound to create a love triangle.

So, it would be interesting for fans to see how things eventually turn out for the three. Abigail Spencer’s entry is something to look forward to and the upcoming season also has some serious drama lined up for other characters including her brother Owen. Interestingly, this season also brings back Krista Vernoff, the head writer of the show who scripted the show for the first seven seasons.

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14 premieres on Sept. 28 with a two-hour episode.