Two schoolgirls from Massachusetts have been charged with several counts of Child Abuse when they put the baby that they were minding in a freezer. The police were notified of this abuse through the app Snapchat where the girls had recorded themselves abusing the child. The unnamed girls have been charged in court, and the mother of the child has come forward with a statement.

The girls posted a series of videos to Snapchat

According to the Buzz, two schoolgirls have been arrested in a case of child abuse when they were babysitting for a family in Massachusetts.

The girls were looking after the child on Monday night and were trusted by the family of the child to suitably babysit the baby. However, much to the family's shock, the girls posted several videos to social media in which they abused the baby.

The two girls posted videos to Snapchat of them abusing the baby by putting it on a glass dish inside the freezer in the home. The girls were heard laughing in the background as the baby screamed and cried. It is unknown how long the baby was left in the freezer, but eventually the girls returned to let the screaming baby out.

The baby is now returned to its family and appears not to have suffered any bodily harm from the abuse. The family has revealed that they were incredibly shocked that the girls would do something so horrible in nature and are glad that the police were able to notice the child abuse case before their 8-month-old suffered at the hands of the teenagers.

The girls now face criminal charges

According to Boston 25 News, the police officers became aware of the situation when they noticed the videos on Snapchat. They immediately rushed to the scene of the crime and took the baby from the teenagers. The police have reported the two teenagers to the Department of Children and Families, and they have been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, child endangerment, child negligence, assault, and battery.

The court had plenty of evidence against the teenagers, and they were charged before being released to their parents in Salem. The mother of the child left her baby in the care of her 15-year-old niece and her 14-year-old friend. The mother's niece claimed that she had left the child in her friend's care when she went to have a shower.

In a report by CBS Boston, the mother stated that she was traumatized by what her baby went through and expressed her disbelief that her niece would be involved in such an incident. She stated that her niece was a goodhearted girl and could not believe that this had happened in her care.

Neither of the two girls has made an official statement about the incident, and it is unknown yet as to whether they will be serving time in a juvenile facility or not.