People tend to analyze everything celebrities do. Celebrity moms are having the hardest time because there are so many people who think they know it all about parenting, so they make everyone's life super hard by posting mommy-shaming comments.

Kelly Clarkson has recently had experience with those people who accused her of Child Abuse because she gave her child Nutella.

Giving Nutella to your child is a crime

The singer posted an Instagram video earlier this week of her two-year-old daughter, River, trying Nutella for the first time. Seeing this cute child enjoying hazelnut-chocolate spread was adorable.

However, not everyone seems to agree. They took offense to Kelly's post and instantly engaged the nutrition police to take over the comments section.

They didn’t bother taking into consideration that they are talking about a two-year-old child, so they wrote many hateful comments. Some said it is confirmed to give cancer; others claim Nutella is packed with sugar, and it will make her blow up. One commenter even accused Kelly of child abuse because of this.

No one bothered to stop and think about the fact that Kelly posted this because it probably doesn't happen often. Everyone sane person knows that Clarkson, just like every other normal mom on the planet, doesn’t give her kid candy for every meal.

First of all, the sugar would turn them into little monsters who want to demolish your house. Secondly, loving moms want best for their children, so they do their best to provide different meals which make child’s diet balanced and healthy. So, that is all Kelly Clarkson did with her child.

Experts say there is no harming eating indulgent foods now and then

However, moms on social networks are acting crazy these days. They are against everything that was a normal part of the childhood.Nowadays, children should eat a little or no meat, all vegetables simply have to be home-grown, you have to give soy milk, and products like Nutella will give cancer to your child.

To prove them wrong and to support Kelly let us mention something Jaclyn London, nutrition director at the GoodHousekeeping Institute, said about eating indulgent foods. She claims that enjoying “unhealthy” foods together with family can be a part of a long-term relationship with food and a healthy diet. As for the cancerous Nutella, it has been confirmed by theEuropean Food Safety Authority that palm oil used in this product is not dangerous.